Thirsty for Change (T4C)

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Thirsty for Change is our healthy eating and nutrition education and advocacy program. We engage Black families in South and West Berkeley through a wide array of activities to improve the health of our community. Activities include community gardening, shopping at farmer’s markets, cooking and eating nutritious foods, and recruiting youth water ambassadors. We aim to increase community knowledge on the health impacts of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs), such as poor oral health, diabetes, and obesity. We encourage our community to drink water over SSBs, eat healthy foods, choose to breastfeed (when feasible) and exercise.

We partner with the Center for Food, Faith and Justice, McGee Avenue Baptist Church, and The Way Christian Center to advance health equity through community education on healthy eating, choosing water over SSB, and promoting community advocacy to support healthy living. We have launched a Water Pledge to ensure that our community partners and our larger network commits to choosing water of SSB.


Cook with T4C and Chef Hunia

  1. Shop Smart , Cook Smart, Eat Smart Class (First Tuesdays)

Take our FREE Shop Smart, Cook Smart, Eat Smart classes. Shop at the South Berkeley Farmers Market and learn nutrition education, cooking delicious meals in our kitchen, and share dinner together.

*Farmer’s Market Money included in the class

*Childcare provided


2. Shop Smart, Cook Smart

Take our FREE Shop Smart, Eat Healthy classes. Shop at your local grocery store (varies) and learn nutrition education, and $10 healthy shopping challenge.

*$10 shopping money included

Sugary Sweetened Beverages (SSB)

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All classes require a RSVP due to space!

To reserve your place, or for more info email Ajura at or call: 510-493-3870